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Welcome to The Trifecta of Joy Podcast!  

Welcome to The Trifecta of Joy Podcast!  

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Throughout Season 1 we talked about life in its challenges, and celebrations, and how we find ourselves in wtf moments, and how to get through them and live with more peace, joy, love and gratitude! Along the way we have explored deepening awareness, befriending your inner critic, and raising your vibration! My friend – THAT is THE TRIFECTA OF JOY!  


Tanya is the Founder and creator of the Trifecta of Joy Philosophy. 


With over 30 years of research and work in various helping fields, she is your real-talk friend, teacher, social worker, and embodied transformation life coach! Her mission is to help people connect with their truth and love the life they intentionally choose to live!


Using her philosophy of the Trifecta of Joy, her mission is to empower people through their struggles with the elements of awareness, befriending your inner critic and raising your vibe.


This podcast is about sharing stories of imperfection moving through life to shift toward possibilities, purpose, and power in your life!


Having had many wtf moments including becoming a widow, struggling with weight and body image issues, dating after loss, single parenting, remarriage, and blending families, Tanya is committed to offering you inspiration and empowerment – body, mind, and spirit! 


As a speaker, writer, and coach, Tanya steps into her life’s purpose daily – to INSPIRE HOPE.

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Hugs, Hip Bumps, and Go ahead and SHINE!


Xo Tanya

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