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Guided Meditations
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Guided Meditations


The Perfectly Imperfect Guided Meditations are an audible or visual narration of the meditation process that can offer many proven benefits for mental and physical health. Find your self a comfortable place and take a journey within.

Guided Meditations and Creative Projects

Forest Meditation

Take an imaginative journey through the forest with me. 

Audio Recordings


Get inspired to live your life and listen to the Perfectly Imperfect podcast-style recordings that cover various Wellness topics  - all geared to help you improve your life.

Audio Recordings on Body Positivity

Meditation is the Shit

Habit Tracking

Learn how habit tracking can improve your life.

The Power of a Weekly Assessment

Weekly assessments are essential for growth!

Downloadable Resources

Get your Free Perfectly Imperfect Resources that will guide you to a lighter heart, body and mind, and allow you to explore your creativity!

Inner Self-Growth and Reflection
Live Lighter in Heart, Body and Mind

3-Steps to a Lighter

Heart, Body and Mind

Download your FREE 3-Steps Guide

Creative Reflections 

Colouring Book

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