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Told yourself you need to “lose some weight”

Take it off of the “to do list” once and for all. Decide with clarity if losing weight is part of living juicy, and if so, make it about LOVING LIFE rather than about numbers between your toes. If we discover it’s not actually what you want, we still focus on living life juicy! (Spoiler Alert:  Joy = Light)
Transformation happens on every level when you step intentionally into your life for 5-10 minutes a day. With the simple

Described yourself as “out of control”

Have you told yourself you’re a lost cause, will never lose the weight, or maybe even said fuck it and fallen face first into the biggest plate of nachos last week and now you’re playing the “Monday game” – gearing up to start that “thing” on Monday.  
Let go of BMU (BeatMyselfUp) mentality and learn the keys to befriending your inner critic.  Work with the BS stories that have been holding you back and feel freedom, ease, and peace in the secret conversations you have with yourself all day long. Sweet freedom!

Experienced a “lack of confidence” on the inside, but snowed the outside world into believing you were badass?

Feeling like a fake feels like ass. Align your inner and outer worlds so who you are outside reflects who you are inside – comfortable, confident, kind to yourself and others, and living life truly juicy!

Believed that creating a life you love must be hard, shitty (require living on broccoli and chicken) and be really painful to work?

You will build trust with yourself, and marvel at how there aren’t any “bad” foods, how easy it is to create momentum, and how results follow as if by magic. If you’ve “tried it all” before and wonder if this will be different, it is.  



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Live Group Program - Weekly Calls on Thursdays

  • 12 Weekly group meetings (online at 7pm MST)
  • 2 x 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Accountability Buddy
  • Private SHINE Facebook Group
  • Membership to The Collective Private FB group
  • Course Materials including Videos and Printable Materials
  • Immediate Access to ALL Program Modules
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  • Awakening 2023 Book
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I am so confident that this program with change your life for the better, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee. In 30 days if you come to me and say it’s done absolutely nothing for you despite your best efforts (providing 30 days of dailies), you will receive 100% of your program fees back.

Need help deciding what is best for where you are right now in you life given your time constraints, finances, relationships, and more?

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