Tanya Gill is a Canadian-based Registered Social Worker, Life Success Coach, Grief Recovery Practitioner, and the creator of the Trifecta of Joy Philosophy.

With a passion for helping others navigate change with compassion and joy, she supports others to live with love and light! 

Tanya is the author of the internationally bestselling book, THE TRIFECTA OF JOY, and has a podcast by the same name. She helps individual clients and groups achieve success through transformational coaching and online programs, delivers workshops that foster personal growth and professional evolution, and combines her heart-centered passion with dynamic storytelling to deliver vibrant keynotes that both wow and transform her audience!

Her powerful programs have helped her clients live with greater intention, presence, joy and ease in every aspect of their lives. Tanya's approach not only makes it possible to change the way you think, feel, and show up in your life - but also makes it easy and fun.


  • Harnessing the Trifecta of Joy to navigate change and live life juicy
  • Flipping the switch: Turning your wtf into what’s this for
  • Grief and loss with grace
  • Navigating changing relationships 
  • The return to self
  • Manifesting love
  • Solo-parenting 
  • Navigating parenting challenges with differently abled children
  • Shining your inner light


  • Why is joy the number one feared emotion people have?
  • How can helpers HELP themselves?
  • How can deepening awareness change one’s life?
  • What role does the inner critic play in our everyday lives?
  • How do we experience “vibe”?
  • What is the key to leading a more joyful life?


I think it came from the ultimate "WTF" moment... when, at the age of 33, my world felt like it collapsed in on me. I was on a dream vacation with my beloved husband, and 4 year old and 8 month old sons – on day three of tropical oasis bliss. His simple walk on the beach turned into the unimaginable when he was caught in a riptide and he drowned. 

There I was, alone with two children, feeling helpless, afraid, and wrapped in the greatest cloak of grief. It was the first time I realized how quickly life can change. 

That night, I went for a walk on that very beach. I breathed in the salty air, and I asked the Universe for three things: Joy, Grace, and Gratitude.

I asked the Universe for HELP. I asked for help in raising my children to know that there are still reasons to smile, laugh, and live life with joy. I asked for grace in honoring John’s life and memory, connecting with his family moving forward, and facing the challenges that I knew were ahead. And I asked for gratitude. I felt so betrayed and gutted, profoundly hurt and helpless. But I didn’t want to become a bitter woman. I asked that one day, I would be able to have gratitude not for his death, but for the path that it unveiled in the most messed up way.

The years forward were filled with lessons. Many of them layer upon layers of failing forward. Single parenting in grief. Shifting family and friendship dynamics. Dating as a single parent. Changing career paths. Remarriage and blending families. Parenting an LGBTQ2S+ child. Personal Growth. Crashes and burns. Victories and celebrations.

WTF moments were a plenty. All of it a perfectly imperfect path of muddling, discovery, revealing truths, and finding joy, grace, and gratitude. Was it simple, easy, or even close to perfect? Well, let’s put it this way, I do half-heartedly joke that I have, and will always continue to invest in therapy for my children and myself.

Where did it come from? Was it strength, motivation, or determination? Sure, there was some of that. But in it all, I realized that my path forward was about helping myself and others. I was a born helper. My careers have always been about helping others – whether as a teacher, vibrator sales lady, social worker, or now life coach, it has always been about wanting to help others have the goodness they deserve.

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5 Stars

J.M - Calgary, AB.

"Tanya electrifies a room, simply with her smile and openness to shine her light so others feel capable to do the same. she helps others to see the beauty and worthiness within. transformative."

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