The greatest gift you can give yourself is to leave a


Your life matters! Wherever you are, even if you're exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling like it's all futile, The Trifecta of Joy Academy gently guides you into rediscovering, letting go, and making JOY, confidence and success your reality. 

The Trifecta of Joy Academy isn't your typical "school".  Tanya Gill, Joy Alchemist, invites you to explore, grow and expand your understanding of who you are now, what matters most, and helps you create clarity moving forward.  


How could 5 weeks change your life for the better as you:

  • Reignite kindness, compassion, and trust in yourself
  • Nurture a loving and gentle relationship with your body, mind and spirit
  • Celebrate what is working in your life
  • Make intentional progress Discover a more peaceful way of being

And have FUN doing it!?

Join The Trifecta of Joy Academy!

Our mission is to create a legacy of self-love by mentoring women to own their truth, achieve their greatest success, and live life juicy!

Lightness of mind body and spirit are your Divine right!


This will be you! 

“Each of Tanya’s programs offers a new way to look at myself and my life. I have been able to quickly get clear from simple videos on values or even boundaries.  It’s not complicated, but it’s practice, and Tanya gives the tools to practice easily every day (and not beat yourself up when it isn’t every day!).  The outcome has been that I feel safer and more secure in my being because I trust myself.”

AK, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

All The Tools You Need to Activate More Joy In Your Life!  

  • Rediscover what is already within you by connecting with your truth.
  • Celebrate successes in all areas of your life.
  • Become a Sacred Rebel and disrupt generational patterns around "self-care".
  • Active simple techniques to foster living juicy for you and others.

Join a Community of Others on the Same Mission!

Your program incudes:

  • 5 Weekly group meetings (online)

  • Course materials including video and printable materials with LIFETIME ACCESS

  • Private TOJA Facebook Group 5 weekly zoom meetings

  • Monthly Collective Zoom meetings

  • Accountability Buddy invitation to The Collective (Facebook and zoom group)

The Trifecta of Joy Academy


You know there must be more, want it now, and want it to be easy.

The Trifecta of Joy is here to help you live with more intention, understand why you are who you are, and offer simple strategies to live more presently. It's time to have FUN exploring:

Practices vs. Habits Relationships

The Inner Critic Boundaries

Your Cultural Stew Forgiveness & Gratitude

Fun, Joy, and Happiness

Generation Possibilities 


It’s time to return to enJOYing life starting right now!

$497 CAD

or 2 payments of

$249 CAD



Copy of The Trifecta of Joy ($25 value)
Awakening 2023 ($39 value)

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