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What people are saying about The Trifecta of Joy


Jill Lublin - Master Publicity Strategist, International Speaker, 4X Bestselling Author -

Tanya Gill invites inspired action into living your life with more meaning and purpose starting now. With the simplicity of awareness, befriending your inner critic, and raising your vibration, Tanya Gill reminds us that joy isn't complicated, it's intentional.

Patty Aubery -NYT Bestselling Author, Chicken Soup for the Christian Womans's Soul and Founder of Permission Granted, #1 Amazon Bestseller -

The Trifecta of Joy uses Honour, Empathy, Love, and Presence as a way forward for people to truly help themselves. Tanya Gill weaves stories of anguish and humour to give way to insight into the simplicity of finding joy within.

5 stars

Kevin Harrington - Original Shark from Shark Tank -

The Trifecta of Joy inspires action to return to taking care of yourself as a means of being the best version of you for others. Tanya Gill invites your as a helper in any acapacity, to return to loving yourself first! A brilliant read!

James Malinchak - Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" (Viewed by 50 Million + Worldwide) Authored 27 Books, Delivered     3,000 Presentations & 2,000 Consultations. Best-Selling Author, Millionaire Success Secrets Founder,

If you are ready to positively transform your life, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by Tanya Gill!. Tanya truely cares about helping others and her ideas will make a difference in your life!

John Formica, The "Ex-Disney Guy", America's Customer Experience Speaker and Coach, at 

This book is the secret weapon and blueprint that every person can use to get closer to understanding who you are and what you were meant to be. Tanya Gill has put together a unique collection of life's lessions and personal success stories to capture one's heart and soul. Her book is incredibkly noteworthy, valuable and inspiring to help you overcome obstacles and reach a fulfilling life right now. "The Trifecta of Joy" is truly magical! Well done!

Drina Fried, Ed.D.

The Trifecta of Joy is worth reading. She lets her own life stories first tell of how she allowed her own comfort to be sacrificed to what she thought others would think.

The ongoing relationship with your inner voice is at issue. Tanya helps you on a magnificent journey of self-love, and joy. By naming and objectifying the inner critic, she teaches you how it operates from old information, and needs an upgrade to make life work for you/us. Tanya helps you do this needed update-like computers need updates -and how to do it gently and kindly with yourself. Tanya‘s use of analogies makes her points clear.

Societal and collective messages become ingrained and tell you different stories about your worthiness, some valuable and some of it “crappy“, especially when it makes you feel like you are not enough. Letting the inner critic rule is sad, so Tanya shows you how to stop it.

The power of the inner critic is a big challenge (she notes). Let Tanya teach you when to give that critic airtime, and how to objectify that inner critic, so as to stop it from “running the show”. Because the inner critic is not about imposing on your freedom, because it’s about your safety, and because the inner critic is just scared, and needs a friend. She shows you how to befriend the inner critic, thereby finding the joy you seek in your perfectly imperfect self.
When your inner critic comes waltzing in, Tanya explains how to awarely turn down the volume on the nasty self-talk, and turn up the volume on self-love. And so much more….


Kimberly Taylor-Mullin

Wow, this book hits home!

Tanya is an incredible writer. Her descriptions bring you in so you feel like you are standing right beside her as she describes her true life stories. She is real and raw and totally vulnerable. Most importantly she inspires you through her stories to never lose your zest for life. To find the Joy in ALL you go through. Highly recommend this amazing book!





Nic Barker

Tanya delivers us tools from her own experiences. She is the real deal - with real practices to help us through the tough stuff.



This beautifully written book is full of inspiration

I love that she is authentic in every way, and very relatable. She inspires hope to become the best version of yourself. Why just “live” life? Self love is so important to enjoy YOUR very best life. We all deserve this! I highly recommend this book to all my friends.


Jessica Brothers

Tanya is an absolute powerhouse of authenticity and love! The Trifecta of Joy draws on Tanya's 30+ years of professional and personal experience to provide you practical strategies for navigating life's challenges and finding joy in everyday perfect imperfection!