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Workshops with Tanya Gill

Registered Social worker and Success Life Coach in Lethbridge, Alberta

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Vision, Values and Momentum

Creating Your Best Life Beyond Dreaming

Bring your group together as Tanya Gill, guides you through connecting your vision with your values to create momentum in your life.
Having a dream board is beautiful, connecting deeply to your why brings it closer, faster, and with more ease and juiciness!
Whether you have a vision board or not (if you do – bring it!), join us as we deepen the connection to your vision for your best future as you get even more clear about what matters to you and why!
In this 1.5 hour workshop you will:
  • Distinguish between dreams and goals, and how to effectively set and meet them
  • Discovery your unique values and their importance in your everyday
  • Building momentum in every day life connected to your vision and values
  • The power of joy in the process of reconnecting with self 

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(includes printed materials – bring a few coloured pens/highlighters!)

Harnessing The Trifecta of Joy

To Navigate and Live Life Juicy!


Joy is one of the most desired and also feared emotions for humans. Join Tanya Gill in an exploration into harnessing the Trifecta of Joy in your life and living a life with more intention, ease, and peace.


You are invited into an adventure of self-discovery as you bring awareness to yourself, learn about your inner critic and how to work with it, and gain powerful tools that energetically change your experience of life!


In this 1.5 hour workshop you will:
  • Discover some of your own thoughts, feelings, action and patterns, and how to prune the unwanted
  • Learn how to work with the inner critic (we all have one, wtf)
  • Feel the difference of being truly connected to yourself, and have the tools to take that joy beyond the workshop and into life!
  • BONUS: Copy of The Trifecta of Joy Book ($25 value)  

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(includes printed materials – bring a pen!) 

Who is Tanya Gill?

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Tanya helps women reinforce a legacy of self-love by mentoring them to ignite and fuel trust in themselves at the deepest level.  As the #1 Bestselling author of THE TRIFECTA OF JOY, she creates programs and communities where women come together and shine mind, body and spirit. She also is the host of The Trifecta of Joy podcast found on your favorite listening platform. 
With a professional background that includes Social Work, Teaching, Success Coaching, and Grief Recovery, Tanya’s mission is to support women to live with more joy, authenticity, self-awareness, trust, self-compassion, and ultimately LOVE THEMSELVES FOR WHO THEY ARE! She is the founder and lead coach of Perfectly Imperfect Life Coaching – because life simply isn’t perfect!   
Tanya understands that we all have wtf moments, and she empowers women to shift the challenge of wtf to “what’s this for”.  Her greatest pleasure is seeing her clients embrace their juicy lives and feel the success they create for themselves.


She also is known as the “Joy Alchemist” and “Sweary Fairy”, so that may tell you a little something more!  
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